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Our founder, Chekesha Ellis, is a woman of passion, vision, and purpose, who has made it her life’s work to assist others in moving past their addiction issues. The name Chase No More represents that there would be “no more chasing” that life of addiction, and that a better life was possible. Dedicated to presenting hope and seeking help for people struggling with addiction. Here is a little about the services from Chase No More.


My Book

A Life Of Kayos :

My Opioid Journey through Hell , Hope & Healing
Growing up in PA, I was a fashion model, living well with a top-notch new job, the most expensive clothes, many friends, and an amazing social calendar. But at 27 I had an accident and started using prescription opioids for pain without being educated of the risks. What began as treatment became a decade of deception and disaster as I joined the millions of casualties in the opioid epidemic. My fall was the start of addiction and substance use disorder. My determination was the start of opioid recovery and is now my desire to serve the community and bring hope to those personally struggling or loving someone struggling with addiction and opioid abuse.



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WILLINGBORO, New Jersey (WPVI) — When she was 27 years old, a sudden trip-and-fall injury left Chekesha Kay Ellis taking pain medication. This eventually snowballed into a dangerous opioid addiction that lasted for about 10 years.

“The rock bottom moment for me was total isolation,” she said. “I basically was sitting in my truck in a parking lot and realized that either I had to choose life or death.”

Ellis chose life. And since quitting and recovering, she has become an author and nationwide advocate.


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These are some of the wonderful things our clients are saying about Chase No More

“As a TEDx Organizer I really enjoyed working with Kay. She is an engaging public speaker and adds energy and enthusiasm to a group. She is brave and her powerful testimony needs to be shared across all platforms.”

Beth Harvey
TEDx Organizer

“I have profiled Chekesha Kay Ellis twice — once for The Star-Ledger/NJ.com, and a few years later for Jersey’s Best, the magazine. For those who think they already understand the opioid crisis, her story will shatter any stereotype they may not even know they held. Honest, funny, articulate and inspiring, she tells a tale of her addiction that is guaranteed to broaden your grasp of the issue. (And have you cheering her victory.)”

Kathleen O’Brien

“The word “remarkable” is bandied around a lot, but when it comes to Chekesha “Kay” Ellis, it is truly the case- perhaps even a bit of an understatement. Her passion and advocacy for people who suffer from opioid use disorder is unflagging—she will speak to any one or groups suffering; warn all of the dangers of prescription opioids; and is relentless in pursuing resources for women everywhere in the grip of this disease. Her openness in sharing her story in Attention Must Be Paid: Women Lost in the Opioid Crisis as a woman of color, with a disability, is an inspiration for all. I know if there’s ANYONE I would want on my team, it’s Kay Ellis.”

Debra Gonsher
Creator, Writer and Producer, Attention Must Be Paid: Women Lost in the Opioid Crisis

“I first met Chekesha when she came to the hospital where I work for CT scan. I learned she was having the scan prior to her cochlear implant procedure.She was totally when she came into the hospital.She could not hear anything.I had to write everything. Chekesha returned a few other times for follow up scans and it was during those visits I learned how she lost her hearing and that she would hear her son’s voice for the first time after undergoing the procedure. I received an email regarding one of Chekesha’s speaking events, I promised I would go, and I did. I must say I was completely blown away! Her message one of sadness and triumph.Despair and Healing. A story that must be told.”

Connie Hatcher
Lourdes Radiology

“I attended the “Meet The Author” event at Willingboro Public Library. Hearing Chekesha’s story about her struggle with opiate addiction & how she suffered hearing loss and subsequently overcame that addiction, has opened my eyes to an epidemic that i have been hearing more and more about but until now, never knew how close to home this problem really is. Having my two young daughters(ages 16 &10) accompany me ended up being an eye opening experience for them. They both were touched by her story & on the way home we couldn’t stop talking about chekesha & her story. This story is a testament that we all may fall but what counts is what we do when we get back up!”

Karen Ireland
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

“I invited Kay to come to the youth police academy, to be my motivational speaker this past summer. Kay came and spoke to the 65 cadets and most of my staff. Kay had a great command of the room as she spoke with passion about her life. She shared how her addiction began after she had knee surgery and was prescribed pain medication. Kay talked about the next eleven years of pill shopping as her addiction consumed her life. She talked about losing her hearing as a result of her addiction. The cadets asked her many questions, all of which she answered with dignity and honesty. She is an inspirational person with a belief that her life story will change the lives of others. Kay is a beautiful person who truly wants to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

John Yeager
Falls Township Police Department

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