Good morning, I am very happy to be back !
I have so many things going on, and would like to keep you all abreast.
Thank you to everyone that continues to read and follow Chasenomore.Org
Thank you to all of my local, statewide and international readers
I just celebrated 7 years of sobriety on August 8, 2017 !!!!!
It feels great being able to wake up and not have to wonder how will I get my next prescription for painkillers, or how will I find a pharmacy that will fill the prescription, or will I have enough painkillers to get me through the week, or how will I get the money to pay for the doctor visit and pay to get the script filled ?
I choose LIFE because I knew I was going to die…
Going through 11 years of painkiller abuse.
My mind was in a FOG.. I used a lot of people.. I was dishonest.. I was a very manipulative person. My health was failing.
I weighed 100 pounds, you could see my cheekbones in my face..
I was a size 3.
I was eating crazy, sleeping crazy…
I was taking so many pills, for years and years and years that it is a miracle that I would wake up the next day…
I am here because it was all a part of God’s plan.
I’m not ashamed of my story, because sooo many people are addicted to painkillers and dying every second of the day.
We live in a society where EVERYBODY GET HIGH.

On Thursday August 10, 2017 Donald Trump declared the OPIOID CRISIS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY !
Everybody is popping pills, MOST people are in denial about their ADDICTIONS !
It is not easy getting clean, but I will tell you this.
When you put in that Work TO GET CLEAN it will be the best move you ever make in your life !!! YOU HAVE TO REALLY WANT SOBRIETY !
I thank God I never moved on to heroin, because PAINKILLERS ARE THE ROAD TO HOW THE DOPE FIEND/ HEROIN ADDICT IS BORN !
Today I’m healthy, I weigh 145 pounds.
I wear a size 5/6 – 7/8.
l eat good, I take vitamins, I sleep well.
I take care of my body.
I’m a Sober Mentor..
I’m a Motivational Speaker..
I’m a soon to be Author..
I’m Humble..
If you want to know what God’s Grace And Mercy on someone’s life looks like,
I’m living PROOF !
I share my story with no TEARS NO FEARS !
That is truly a sign of healing.
8/8/2010 🔺
Thank you for reading.