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To educate the public about the disease of addiction, the consequences of untreated addiction and the process of recovery.
Chasenomore works to reduce or prevent the harms of alcohol and narcotic drug use through education intervention and advocacy.
In my past I struggled with an addiction to the powerful painkiller “Hydrocodone -Lortab-Lorcet”. I have been clean for 7 years.
My experience give me a unique perspective on the matter.
When addiction becomes your life it takes the place of everything ! I believe that no matter what you have been through, there is ALWAYS HOPE for recovery.
As the general public learns the facts, it is my HOPE that stigma will be reduced, more people will seek treatment, and our society will benefit from an overall reduction in substance use and misuse.
I want to give that hope of acceptance and understanding to those suffering with addiction and to the people who love them.
Here I call to mind the Yiddish saying “If you save one life, you save the entire world.



Chekesha Ellis has been deaf and hard of hearing since 2009.
Being able to hear her entire life, and then going from totally deaf and remaining deaf for 4 years left a devastating effect.
CE has lived on both sides of the fence, she can relate to being a hearing individual, as well as being totally deaf.
Chekesha Ellis underwent Cochlear implant surgery, for the first time on the right ear in 2013, then undergoing Cochlear implant surgery on the left ear in 2016, her journey has been indescribable.
Throughout this journey CE. first became a recipient of the (Cochlear Nucleus® 6) Cochlear
implant. The traditional Cochlear implant.
In 2016 CE. became a Bilateral Cochlear Implant patient receiving the (Cochlear Kanso®) a
new off the ear processor.
Cochlear Kanso® is discreet, smart and simple.
And is the smallest, lightest off-the-ear sound processor on the market.
Chekesha Ellis became an advocate for implantable hearing solutions at Cochlear America.
CE seeks to empower deaf, and hard of hearing individuals by providing general information, services, and educating the community, about their rights to effective communication and equal access to public programs and services.
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