Thank you for tuning in to “My World As A Deaf Woman” Have you ever pictured or planned how your life would be ? And instead of it going as planned, you hit ROCK BOTTOM ? We all know that sometimes you get detoured. But in the end it’s about survival. Did I ever picture that I would be an addict ? And go deaf from abusing painkillers for 11 whole years ? NEVER in a million years. Did I ever picture myself hearing again with the use of a cochlear implant ? NEVER in a million years. The video above shows a woman named Molly who is deaf. She hears with the ” Nucleus 6″ cochlear implant. I am a Nucleus 6 cochlear patient took too. This video shows Molly from the time she awakes, throughout her entire day until she retreats to bed. The video focuses on “what she hears throughout the entire day” It starts off silent, because she hasn’t put the CI on yet. When she wakes up she puts the CI on, and takes it off when she goes to bed. Getting the CI would change my life forever. In this post I will discuss what my journey was like throughout my hearing loss, and how it all changed on November 18, 2013.