My life as a functional addict was crazy as hell ! The images above are how I kept track of my painkillers by writing down the date, the doctor, and the pharmacy. This was 7 years into my addiction. I reflect often, I be like why the hell didn’t I stop after 7 years ????! But I kept on with my BS for almost 5 years after this !!! I was too scared to buy pills off the street so I started “Doctor shopping” Doctor shopping is the practice of visiting multiple physicians to obtain multiple prescriptions. It is a common practice of drug addicts and suppliers.

My addiction started in 2000, by 2007 I was in way toooo deep ! So my “day job” became to find new doctors to write me prescriptions for Lorcet 10/650 generic name Hydrocodone also know as Lortab, Norco, and Vicoden. I had to keep up with my addiction, so I would Google doctors offices in whatever area code, sometimes I would just pick a town and drive around, finding Drs offices that took cash for new patients office visits, and wrote random scripts. I would walk in limping and wearing a knee brace, and requesting the pain medication Lorcet. By the 7th year it wasn’t about an injured non rehabilited knee, I needed MORE PILLS !

In the month of January of 2007 I POSSESSED 650 PRESCRIBED PAINKILLERS !

January 3, 2007 one doctor alone gave me 240 Lorcet Hydrocodone

January 11, 2007 I received 50 Lorcet Hydrocodone

January 15, 2007 I received 120 Lorcet Hydrocodone

January 19,2007 I received 150 Lorcet Hydrocodone

January 26,2007 I received 90 Lorcet/Hydrocodone

In the month of February of 2007 ! I POSSESSED 750 PRESCRIBED PAINKILLERS !

February 2, 2007 I received 240 Lorcet Hydrocodone

February 9, 2007 I received 120 Lorcet Hydrocodone

February 13,2007 I received 150 Lorcet Hydrocodone

February 21, 2007 I received 90 Lorcet Hydrocodone

February 23, 2007 I received 60 Lorcet Hydrocodone

February 27, 2007 I received 90 Lorcet Hydrocone

In a 60 day period of time I had 1,400 pills. How did I slip through the cracks ??? I damn sure wasn’t giving them away or selling them, I needed all I could get FOR ME !

My “Addicion had totally taken over. I knew how to read doctor’s body language, whether a man or a woman doctor, I knew how to get doctors to write prescriptions for me. I was well dressed and always spoke professionally. So it was easy for me to befriend doctors, and get them to write prescriptions for me.

Next getting the prescriptions filled at a pharmacy, THIS WAS HARDER THAN ACTUALLY GETTING. THE SCRIPT ! I became even more savy by adding refils to scripts, and traveling out of state to get the scripts filled. I lied about traveling out of the country for early refils. I had medical insurance but never used it for my painkiller visits. I payed cash for Doctor visits and used a prescription discount card for paying for the pills.
I did some tricky things that got me flagged in the system the DEA uses to track pharmacies. My life was HELL IN A HANDBAG ! I know that what I went through back in them years was much different than it is now.

There was no OPOIOD EPIDEMIC, it was very easy to get shi* loads of pills !

It all started with a genetic gene being wired to be an addict (Unbeknownst to me at the time) because I have addicts in my intermediate family… That made me more suscepitble to becoming an addict… A work injury… A surgery, and a prescription for a powerful opioid… (Shaking my head)

This is WHY I stress to… KNOW YOUR FAMILY HISTORY OF ADDICTION IT REALLY MATTERS ! If your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, or brother were or ARE addicts, You can be one too ! Just because of your relation to them. All it takes is one prescription… If you are taking prescription painkillers for a month or more, it is IMPERATIVE to talk to your doctor about monitoring you on them or about other ALTERNATIVES for pain, depending upon your medical condition. I know many people who have legitimate pain for debiliating illnesses and injuries but there are a lot of folks out here who are simply ABUSING THEM, and their lives have spiraled out of control !

I wouldn’t wish ADDICTION on anyone because it is a HORRIBLE thing to ENDURE…

Thank you for turning in… PLEASE BE INSPIRED !