Educate Our Youth About Opiates

Education can prevent first use and save lives.
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We are living upon a crazy era !
We live upon a drug addicted society many people are being affected by drugs and drug abuse and drug overdose.
What is troubling to me, is the lack of knowledge that some teens have, and the misunderstanding about how a decision to use drugs, can change their lives forever.

With prescription pain medicine and heroin addiction rising​ across the nation and with overdose as the leading cause of death of our youth, it is critical that we help our youth through awareness and knowledge.

This weekend I ran into one of my one of my relatives, she’s 21 years old has a great job and is very independent.
She said “Hey I want you to meet my friends”.
I agreed. There was a guy in the front seat of her car, and a guy and girl in the back seat.
I went over introduced myself, and I began to conversate with the youth, they ranged from age 18 to 20.
I shared with them my story, the dangers of opiates, painkillers and other drugs.
I told them painkillers are the cause of my deafness. They were flabbergasted.
I asked them do they drink or smoke weed, (these are the 2 drugs that people easily downplay, because they are the easiest to get)
One guy said yeah I like to smoke, and drink.
I began to tell them how dealers are now lacing every drug with the deadly (Fentanyl). Including Marijuana.
Fentanyl, also known as fentanil, is an opioid pain medication and is a very potent opioid.. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, but some forms of fentanyl can be 10,000 times more potent than morphine.
I explained that this drug is being laced in painkillers, heroin, weed and many other drugs.
These kids had no clue, they barely knew what Fentanyl was.

As an educator I made it my responsibility to teach these kids about the dangers of experimenting with drugs. It’s like playing the game of rush and roulette.
Raising awareness to the risks of misusing prescription opioids and misusing prescription opioids can lead to addiction, heroin use and eventually overdose.

Parents should be honest and visual and involved with their children when discussing the painkiller and heroin epidemic.
Parents need to stay in touch with their kids, know who their friends are, watch their habits and be mindful of prescription drugs in the house, since these substances can be unsafe when abused and are often a step on the path to heroin.

Parents have to paint very real pictures for their children.
The more graphic you are with them and the more truthful you are with them, the more impactful it is to them.
A lot of students that I have worked with have a story of somebody in their family who is an addict or a friend of a family member or something of that nature,”
A lot of our kids are seeing firsthand what heroin and these other drugs are doing to their communities, where many people are struggling financially and some are turning to drugs to cope.
It is a very real issue for our children.
We have a responsibility to protect our children.
And as responsible adults let’s educate our youth…
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  1. Lacey

    This was a good read. Thank you alot for all u do raising awareness. Pills wasn’t my drug of choice but cocaine was and that in it self was a soul snatcher. Thank God for 2nd chances I pray my children don’t go down the same path bc most don’t get a 2nd Chance. God bless u

    1. admin

      Good morning thank you for reading. Thank you for your support.
      God bless you in your sobriety. We are surviving !

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