Welcome to ChaseNoMore

I invite you to explore this site, which is a reflection of me.

Chasenomore serves as a bridge to help by pointing to resources that can assist with treatment and recovery.

My advice is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a healthcare professional.

Chekesha uses her own experience as an recovering addict to better understand her clients.

Chekesha is a woman of passion, vision, and purpose, who has made it her life’s work to assist others in moving past their addiction issues. The name [Chasenomore] represents that there would be “no more chasing” that life of addiction, and that a better life was possible.

Dedicated to presenting hope and seeking help for people struggling with addiction. Chekesha struggled with addiction for over a decade.

A woman with no history of drug use turned addict for 11 years which all began with a prescription for a powerful painkiller following a knee surgery. Her life would change 11 years of prescription painkiller abuse caused her to be permanently deaf.
She remained deaf for 4 years until she underwent cochlear implant surgery in November of 2013, and on October 10, 2016.
Chekesha is now a bilateral cochlear implant patient, who has a new outlook on life.
CE has been clean and sober since August 2010 and never had a desire to go back to her old life.

She understands the heart wrenching process that addicts and their families face when attempting to deal with addiction. CE. Educates the public about the disease of addiction, the consequences of untreated addiction and the process of recovery. Chekesha’s courage and candor about her own personal struggles and recovery from the disease of addiction continue to be a source for many.
CE is a force of strength and hope for individuals, families, and communities.
[Chasenomore] exits to ENCOURAGE, INFORM, and INSPIRE.